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Unlike traditional land based casinos where you're forced to visit a fixed location when you play online you can enjoy playing games of chance from virtually anywhere and anytime. Playing online you'll enjoy a high level of anonymity. When you play online no one knows who you are or cares which is quite different when you're seen in public engaged in gambling type activity in a land based establishment.

Because operators of online brands do not incur nearly the same cost of running their operations they're offer higher rater of return on games.

That is what this chapter answers. The following is a detailed explanation of what to look for when you are choosing an legal online casino SA to play in. Software and website security Safety in online casinos is a big concern in the gambling industry, as many untrustworthy websites are created with a sole purpose of luring you into giving them your personal information. First off, check if the site has a SSL certificate.

Your second step is to look closely at the address itself. Big companies buy out lower level domains, to prevent scammers from registering casino. So if you are looking for yebo. Does the software list a valid developer? Check if the software and the web app are tested by a third party and does the random number generator have the right certificates. This process can be simplified, if an casino sites operates under a white label license and uses games of a reputable developer. Another sign that shows rogue South African casinos well is a badly written text on the site.

If the description is written in poor or overly simplistic English, it can show that the online casino company is either not based in South Africa, or they wanted to make the price of their website as low as possible. The same goes for some of important pieces of information missing. Scammers or not, this makes you think whether this casino hired low skilled programmers to write their software to cut down costs as well.

If they did, your security might be compromised either by the company itself, or by hackers who pray on such weaknesses. Great customer support Have you ever been in a situation where you enjoyed yourself in an online casino up to a point when you had a minor problem and it took the support a couple of days to solve it, or even to respond?

That is one of the markers of a bad casino. You should avoid such places, as someday a delay in solving your problem may be crucial. If they answer you fast, are helpful and nice to you, you can be sure this online casino South Africa cares about your experience, not just their profits. You can look for that info on the site, or ask the support. If you want to play fair, you have to know all the rules.

Making a deposit or withdrawal is where many rogue online casinos cash in on you. You have to be really careful, when checking this one out. Look for online gambling sites with a variety of deposit methods. This shows they care about your convenience and will take a payment from a service that suits you.

This means slots, table games, live dealer options, video poker and a whole slew of others. So, you can always expect to find a strong selection of games at the casinos on our list of the very best for South African players. And just as an addition to this, the casinos on this list of the best all come with suitable withdrawal timeframes.

One final area of note that our review team has focused on is the promotions that these online casinos provide. We like to receive additional rewards from our chosen platforms, be that in the form of bonus funds, free spins, cash back or any other perks. Even VIP programs offered by the casinos have gone through scrutiny by our team. Most of them come with both bonus funds and free spins on top of such, providing you with quite the appealing welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions If you are looking to play casino games online for real money then below are the most frequently asked questions regarding the online gaming environment, and underneath each question is the most relevant answer to each respective question. How rewarding are the casino comps earned online?

When you gamble at a land based casino you are often going to be earning comp points based solely on how much real money gaming action you give the games on offer.

This is also something that is going to be available to you when you choose to play online casino games and as such you will many different online casinos offer a different type of casino comp club and it is worth comparing the comps you can earn at different casino sites as some casinos online are much more generous than others.

What payout percentages are offered on online games? Due to the simple fact that online casinos have very low overheads you are going to find the payout percentages on a lot of their available games are higher than the ones found on land based games such as video poker games and slot machines.

Play anytime and anywhere. Sound too easy! It really is as easy as it sounds! They Once were Big and Clumsy The first mobile phones were big and heavy. Today, the mobile devices we all use are smart, sleek, easy to use, and perfect for online casino gaming! As your phone or tablet are almost always with you, the mobile casino is pure entertainment and fun - on the go! We, at Springbok Mobile Casino, pride ourselves on our first class graphics — check it out — seeing is believing!

Great Addition to Desktop Casino At this time, the mobile casino has about games. Be sure to check in often to stay up-to-date on the latest game additions. Convenience Springbok Mobile Casino is literally at your fingertips at all times. As well as becoming ever more popular, mobile gaming allows quick, short gaming sessions. Our society enjoys short bursts of stimuli. Are There Casino Bonuses? Casino bonuses are offered at most of the top casino sites and will reward players with free cash.

This bonus money can be used top plat eh games that are supported. Not every casino site will have the same offers, but almost every one will at least have a welcome bonus that will provide cash to new players. Are The Games Safe? South African casinos are often powered by Playtech or RTG, two of the leading software developers in the industry. The games that are created by these companies are safe and reliable ad will provide a realistic gambling experience regardless of the skill levels of the player.

We add news to this website regularly so if you're interested in South African related gambling news we suggest that you come back and visit from time to time for updates.

Many of these new online slots can now be found at

african online casinos
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Click to collapse Sure you can! The more you play, the greater your chances of winning. Look out for jackpot slot games that have the potential to pay out literally millions. Or stick to smaller slots that pay out smaller amounts but more frequently. Click to collapse Not all online casinos offer ZAR as a currency with which to pay. But all the online casinos on our recommended list do. By betting in ZAR, you also have greater control over your gambling sessions since you know exactly how much you are spending.

These sites accept all major credit and debit cards for your convenience. You can also make wire transfers directly from your South African bank — a quick, easy, safe and secure method. ZAR casinos also offer banking methods such as Neteller, EcoPayz and Skrill for instant, discreet funding of accounts. Click to collapse Online casinos that are licensed and have a good name for themselves, want to ensure that their reputation remains intact. They will keep everything above board and transparent, so that they are considered as legitimate as possible in the eyes of their players.

The will also pay out all winnings due to their players — in time and in full. Check out the full list of legit South African online casinos here. Click to collapse It depends on the method of payment you use. Some payouts are instant, while others can take up to 3 days. Good online casinos list the expected time frame. Click to collapse In general, casino games that generate excitement through great themes and bonus features are highly popular at online casinos.

The withdrawal times are quick. All transactions at these casinos are in Rands, which means you do not have to go through the hassle of currency conversion to US Dollars, Euros, GBPs and others. Dedicated Round-the-Clock Customer Support Customer support is a vital cog in the online-casino-experience wheel and we have listed out for you only the best when it comes to customer support. All the casinos we feature offer excellent customer support round the clock.

The FAQs at each of them are detailed, and there is multi-channel access to support, including live chat, telephone and e-mail. Many of them offer local toll-free numbers for you to call. Safe and Reliable Gaming Experience Safety and reliability are big factors to consider when it comes to online casino gambling. Everything is done remotely over a virtual network and you do not have a face to assign familiarity to in your interactions.

Your transactions are in the virtual space and that can cause a few anxious moments at times. We have ensured that we list only those casinos that are safe and secure. Each of them on our list is licensed in recognized gambling jurisdictions. The majority of these individuals, as you would expect, have made their money and fame through poker. Here are the most famous South African poker players.

Raymond Rahme A veteran of the poker tour, Raymond Rahme was born in He grew up in Johannesburg and first played poker in illegal gambling dens in the outskirts of the city. Finishing third earnt him a huge sum of money. Currently, he plays poker online as a member of Team PokerStars, however he has stated publicly that he does not enjoy online poker. Mark Vos Born in and having started his professional poker career in , Mark Vos has been seen as one of the rising stars in the international scene.

However, he has spoken to the press of his disinclination to devote his life to poker and his lack of motivation for the game. Here, we cover some commonly asked questions that can provide new players with the information they need to begin a safe and rewarding online gambling experience.

Is it safe to play at online casinos? Online casinos provide a safe and secure way to enjoy the best casino games from the comforts of home. The leading casino sites will be licensed and regulated by a respected jurisdiction. Always look for licensing information when choosing an online casino. You will also be sure to enjoy safe games as casino sites use the most trusted providers in the industry.

These games are often tested for fairness as well. Can I win real money? You will have the opportunity to win real money payouts when playing at an online casino.

To do this, you will have to fund an account and make a deposit. You will then use the money in your account to place wagers on your favorite games, just like when playing at a land casino. Wins are credited to the account and these funds can be removed using trusted banking options. What types of games can be played? When you access an online casino, you will find all types of games to enjoy. These can be played for free as well as for real money wagers. The games will replicate what you would find at a land casino, so you will be able to spin the reels on exciting slots, wager at tables, enjoy card games, access video poker games, and more.

Most online casinos have hundreds of game titles that are available, exceeding what you would find at your local land venue. Do I have to pay taxes on winnings? All players will be responsible for their winnings and will have to pay appropriate taxes. The amount will be based on where players reside. Final thoughts on trusted gambling sites South Africa What you just read is a condensed guide on choosing a trustworthy casino.

Our experts at CasinoHEX work by more complex protocols, and test the South African online casinos they write about themselves. We encourage our users to form their own opinions, so we publish these general guidelines. However, if you want to save your time, take a look at our casino reviews. We are constantly looking for casinos for you to enjoy. Is online gambling legal in South Africa?

To get to know why is that so, and what does it mean for you as an SA online gambler, read this chapter. Legal status of land based casinos South Africa has a long history of gambling prohibition, with horse betting being legalized only in As of today, land based casinos are completely legal and serve as a tourist attraction that brings tens of thousands of people into the country. Casinos have transformed from mere gambling establishments to luxury entertainment centers.

They offer spa, theatres, and theme parks for their guests to explore, when they are not trying their luck at a poker table or a slot machine.

Another legal form of gambling is a National Lottery. The biggest jackpot so far was R mio. Legal status of online gambling in SA Online sport betting, horse betting and bookmaking is legal, regulated and can be licensed. However, online gambling is prohibited by the National Gambling Act of This concerns specifically SA casino or games with real money that involve either chance or skill to win and receive a payout. So, online slots, poker, roulette and other similar games are not legal in South Africa.

Looking for the right online casino South Africa platform takes time despite breaking the possibilities down into a top 10 South African casinos listing. There are plenty of real money online casino operators open to the southern territories, but small and important details define their standings. One merit, each one in our listings is a great site, some offer equal quality, others provide a feature which is exempt from others, but we have gone through each one to finally present to players a definitive top 10 recommendation.

Your online gambling experience will be met with extremely high standards which you can read through across each review. So, what kind of platform are you looking for? Here are just some of the games lined up for you to win your fortune from.

Easy to play and comes with a very favourable odds advantage. Video poker is a very popular game in Vegas and is simple to play if you know your hands, but also easy to pick up for first—time players. Huge reel gaming which carry massive prizes for those that like their games fast and full of bonus features. Recommended for roulette and craps players. These lottery games are some simple and provide very good returns for such small costs to play.

This card game is now a tournament favourite and events can be enjoyed through the top SA sites provided for you to take on other playing members. It comes in several variants and can be played through virtual machine and streaming tables.

This is just a standard list, there are, of course, variants of each which would create a list of titles far too long, but this just gives you that perspective that there is always another opportunity available. We hold over differing titles to help you practice with and have fun on with no requirement to download any apps or to sign up and register.

Games There are many different options for gaming entertainment at the SA online casino. There are also multiple game variations of these timeless classics. You can play poker with 3 or 5 cards, a poker game of Stud or Draw or games in which you use either one deck or multiple decks of cards.

The roulette options include both the traditional European roulette wheel and the more updated American roulette wheel plus other roulette adventures that feature almost a dozen different types of bet options. Slots aficionados will find all of their favorite slots at the SA casino including both three-reel classic slots and five-reel video slots. If you enjoy fantasy slots you can play one of the slot games that focus on fun, interactive themes and engaging storylines. There are slots games with plots of science fiction, mythology, mysticism, history, magic, animals, sports, holidays, military life, intrigue, romance, suspense, superhero exploits, adventure, travel and others.

You simply sign into a progressive jackpot game as you normally would and make your deposit. In Progressive Jackpot Slots you are invited to start spinning to start collecting your regular game wins. Your combined deposits make up that prize which can total hundreds of thousands — even millions — of dollars.

One gamer will hit the prize and win the entire jackpot. Slots give players a chance to take a break from the tension of the table and card games with some light-hearted spin-and-win fun and excitement.

african online casinos
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The casino will create the link which will allow you to start making your deposits for your casino bets immediately. Connectivity When you play online you have access to all of your favorite games that you can play at the betting level that meets your personal needs and expectations. These games include old favorites as well as late releases.

The games are compatible with all operating systems including iOS and Android systems to give you the option of playing on any device. To start playing, open the casino and sign into your account. The casino supports cable, WiFi and cellular connectivity which gives you the chance to connect at your leisure and play whenever and from wherever you wish.

Games There are many different options for gaming entertainment at the SA online casino. There are also multiple game variations of these timeless classics. You can play poker with 3 or 5 cards, a poker game of Stud or Draw or games in which you use either one deck or multiple decks of cards. The roulette options include both the traditional European roulette wheel and the more updated American roulette wheel plus other roulette adventures that feature almost a dozen different types of bet options.

Slots aficionados will find all of their favorite slots at the SA casino including both three-reel classic slots and five-reel video slots.

If you enjoy fantasy slots you can play one of the slot games that focus on fun, interactive themes and engaging storylines. There are slots games with plots of science fiction, mythology, mysticism, history, magic, animals, sports, holidays, military life, intrigue, romance, suspense, superhero exploits, adventure, travel and others.

You simply sign into a progressive jackpot game as you normally would and make your deposit. But how fast are they when it comes to paying out your winnings? The longest it should take is up to seven working days. Customer Support Being able to reach your online casino through a support system when you have a problem is a must. It should have a support email account, a phone line dedicated to South Africans, and a live chat option on its website.

Casino Bonuses Finally, our online casinos have the best and varied casino bonuses. Furthermore, you should check the payout speed, wagering requirements, and the fine print so that you know what to expect from the online South African casino. We also test the online casino to see how well it runs on mobile devices.

Here are some of the top gambling games players can play on their devices such as tablet and desktop PC: Online Slots Casinos Online slots South Africa are the most played casino games by SA gamblers and as well as players across the globe. They are very easy to learn and play for fun casino games. We recommend slots games to new gamblers that want to enjoy playing casino gambling games online. You can try out the demo version of the game to understand how the game is played online.

Online Casino Blackjack Online Blackjack, also known as 21 is a card game that is popular and loved by South African casino players. The objective of the game is to have a card hand close to 21 as possible without going beyond Like most casino card games, Baccarat games require players to exercise some kind of basic strategy to win. SA Online Casino Roulette Most popular internet casino game where players guess where the ball will land after the roulette wheel spins.

In , Confessions of a Gambler the movie was created with Rayda Jacobs as a scriptwriter, co-director and lead role. Others just want to stay at home, lay on the couch and play without any other people running around them. The range of games is quite different — nowadays, for instance, it is much easier to find a game of video poker online rather than in a land-based venue. South Africa is definitely a cool destination to visit if you want to gamble. Just remember — play responsibly and do your research or use our guide!

We have also prepared a lot of other guides, latest news and more articles that you could check out below: Our Most Popular Gambling Guides. These are tablets and phones. While some casino may develop an app that you can download onto your phone.

There are four popular operating systems that casino developers design for. Known for their screen resolution, processing speed, and security, gaming on an iOS device is great. The only con with iOS mobile casinos is they are hard to come by. But casino software developers are catching on. Now that the technology has improved, the quality and security of Android games has improved. The license will also indicate that all gambling laws are being followed. The top South African online casinos will also use encryption software when payments are processed to ensure the safety of all personal and financial information.

What Games are Offered? Online casinos will provide players with exceptional games to meet their needs. The games that are offered will be the same as one would find in a land casino. All games in online casinos are tested for fairness so players always have equal chances at winning.

The top South African casinos will offer a huge selection of slots and table games and players will also benefit from video poker machines and some specialty games.

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